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The material, legal and economic foundation of “La Isla“ is the association of CANNABIS STUDIES, ASOCIACIÓN BOTÁNICA PARA EL ESTUDIO DE LA BIODERVISIDAD AGRÍCOLA DE MALLORCA, LA ISLA, created on march 2017 and officially registered with the Home Affair Ministry of Spain, Madrid on march 13, 2017 with CIF no G16517658.

In organizational and economic terms, the internal relationships within the association is inspired by the commons based economy, transparency of proceedings, and by full democratic participation in the decision-making process.

Who we are

“La Isla“ is more than a non-profit association. We are a passionate team that believes in the power and potential of the plant medicinal, therapeutic, and recreational effects. We cultivate it and share it in the privacy of an elite, members-only organization.

Nature’s creations, international mindsets, and comfortable hospitality is what we value and learn most from. We know you by name and value personal relationships with our members.

Most importantly, we appreciate the liberating experiences and conversations that come with serving people from all over the world.


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